Aren’t we called to so much more than Conformity?

This past week I have had a few conversations that have left me speaking how I am feeling about the institution called the church.  I mentioned to one co-worker that I had been married to a pastor and it’s kind of funny to watch peoples reaction because they are like well, I believe in something higher, but I just don’t know what.  I explained that I am NOT that kind of person.  I am not a bible thumper and after being in the church for 35 years, I only believe that the church helps you out in your walk but does not define who you were as a person. 

A different day, different co-worker, I mentioned that I was having to make friends over again and that most of my friendships have stemmed from the church.  She said well why don’t you find a group in the church to make friends.  Without missing a beat, I said I didn’t want to hang out with hypocrites.  That is the first time I recall ever saying that but the less time I spend in the institution called the church, the more I see it.  

I don’t want to conform to a bunch of rules that I can’t keep, I don’t want be in a little Christian bubble.  I want to reach those who won’t step foot in a church.  I want to hang out with those who look weird, have tattoos and do things that your told to NEVER do because that would be unchristian!  You won’t find me doing these things but if we don’t reach beyond the 4 walls of the church who will?  I want to hang out with those co-workers who believe in something higher but are not sure what.  These are the people I want to be around.  

I still need Christ because without Him I am NOTHING!

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