Happy Father’s Day! Part One






Dad and the last year of doing his Flower Distribution.


Dad and his gold dollars!





Here are my kids last year carrying on my dad’s tradition!


My dad on his vacation to Walt Disney World with the family.

Happy Father’s Day! What does that mean to you? Another day to honor that special man in your life, you call dad? Another reason to go shop the big sales? Another reason to not cook and go out to dinner? Well, for me this year and last year and for the next 50 years it will mean that my dad is celebrating in heaven. My biological father passed away way to young at the age of 65. He had just entered into retirement. He had battled Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia for the last 9 years of his life. A life gone all too soon. But my dad taught me to make each day count! He taught me to be the sunshine in someone’s day! My dad was a selfless man. He knew how to brighten people’s days by just standing outside of Wal-Mart, with roses and passing them out. He would buy roses on HIS birthday and pass them out all over town and to his co-workers. He would get coins and throw them in the town pool on his birthday. He lived by the golden rule to treat other’s how you want to be treated. I miss my dad each day but I am grateful for the man he was and how he lived. I am a better person because I was his daughter.
Tomorrow my “Bonus Dad!”

You Matter!


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