Happy Birthday to my BROTHER John Bob Cobb!


I am grateful to have grown up with my brother, John!  While we nearly killed each other at some points in our lives we LIVED and we grew to love and appreciate each other.  My brother and I have a close friendship now despite our differences and the way we think.  Growing up my brother was the McGeiver and I was the negotiator!  I can’t tell you how many times I did things such as touching his Domino Rally track just before he had the last domino in place and sent it crashing to the ground or how many times he took rope and locked me in my room just because he could.  We had water fights and Nerf gun wars.  We shared a love for music.  I am grateful for my brother as we rode back from Iowa together after our dad passed away.  I was stricken with grief while he was driving and was tired of NOT seeing the smile on my face and told me to watch “TED”.  Yup, that stupid movie made me laugh a little.  I am grateful for my brother and hope that this weekend is a wonderful time of relaxation with his beautiful bride!  I love you John Bob Cobb!  You may always be taller than me but I will always be older! 🙂


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