What Do You Save?

I save many things from pictures, to ribbons from 4-H, to cookbooks and Grandma’s recipe cards to my kids special paintings and perfect papers.  But the one thing that warms my heart more than anything and was a spirit lifter today was finding my shoe box filled with encouragement notes and finding some of my “Shoe Encouragement’s” from jr. high ministry days!  Yes, my love language is affirmation and my heart was over flowing with joy and love as I found and laughed as I read some of the notes. Here’s a picture of a few!


Yes, it’s the little things that bring me great joy!  A card in the mail is so simple but we often get tied up in the business of life to do so.  STOP what your doing and take the time to write a note to a friend or family member and BE the encouragement they need.  NOT a note on Facebook or Twitter but an actual paper, pen and stamp kind of note.  You never know whose day you’ll brighten!  And NO that is NOT my address anymore! 🙂

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