My Mama!


My Mom!  While we may not have always seen eye to eye, we agree to disagree.  You raised me in the faith and for that I am grateful to be grounded in.  You were there when Timmy was in the hospital, taken care of me when I wasn’t.  You have loved me even when I was unloveable.  You have still been there when I went against the grain.  You make things for me because you love me!  I am blessed and grateful for your talent and ability to be extremely talented!  I am blessed by your prayers!  The only thing I wish was that you would have married a farmer! Ha!  I am forever grateful though that you married Bill.  He loves you despite your crazy ideas at times!  You love music and do crazy things that I think of like take Rhett Walker Sun Drop pop!  While I can’t sing and you can sort of sing we make a fine group of music because it’s joyful!  

2 thoughts on “My Mama!

  1. email that pic to me — if you are okay with me sharing it on the MPC WomMin Facebook page 🙂

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