Over the past few weeks many emotions have been felt, fear, sadness, depression, joy, and anxiety amongst others.  You see I was working for a call center and enjoying my job but the season ended.  Thus left me with no job and one would think after a crazy busy season I would enjoy that.  I am naturally a people person, so to go from being around people most every day to not, this left me depressed.  I applied to go back to JcPenney and I also had a job lined up at Family Christian.  I was not too hopeful about the job at Family Christian.  I was going to take a summer science class and after talking to a few people, discovered that the class was very time intensive and many advised to look at another science course.  I was able to get all my summer classes online!  Thus opening up availability.  I went on Tuesday for an interview with JcPenney and the store manager was questioning why I was being interviewed since he already knew me.  I told him I thought the same thing but would go with it.  He wanted me to wait and wanted to talk to me one on one.  He wanted to, along with two other managers, put me in Windows.  I thought okay.  I can use my creativity in this department.  He told me it was commissioned with a base pay.  This made me a little nervous.  The other store manager called me today, and said as long as you maintain open availability you’ll be able to get the hours.  She also told me if I would work with her she would teach me everything I needed to know.  I am beyond excited about this opportunity!  As I gain the skills and training which I am excited about and my manager is excited about, this will open up the doors to my goals of management.  This is a stepping stone.  My managers believe in my ability, I believe in my ability and together great things are going to happen!  I am still going to continue in school!  But to be able to build relationships with people, help people reach their goals in their homes and be creative excites me!  Yes, I am bit nervous but confident I can achieve and succeed in this!

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