Blessings amidst Anxiety!


For those of you who have know me for a while, this picture will NOT surprise you!  For those of you who have not let me share!  I have had 2 major back surgeries, one in 2010 and one 2011.  My back was very “hunched” over as in 109 degree’s when I went in for my first surgery in 2010.  I was SCARED out of my ever loving mind!  I healed well but by spring of 2011 at one of my doctors visit, the doctor had some bad news!  I had BENT my titanium rods and we would need to do surgery again!  Within in seconds, I asked “can I go on roller coasters one last time” and he said “why yes because if I don’t tell you that you can you will do it any way!”  Fall of 2011 came and I went  into the OR for my 12 hour surgery with glasses similar to these and hillbilly teeth!  The OR staff laughed and asked if I was always like this and my doctor said “YUP!  She doesn’t take life seriously!”  I believe that my attitude going into my second one led me to a much healthier outcome!  Now when I go to the doctor I take my glasses and always get a laugh!  Today it was oh “J.J. my prized stainless steal patient!”  You know your back is a work of art when it is a prized patient! He uses my before pictures, my first surgery and the detereation and then my post 2nd surgery pictures as a case to present to his colleagues!   My doctor had known I was upset over not having him be in network and taking my insurance.  We talked about some of the other doctors that he knew that might take it, and he even whipped out his wallet to find a card of one of his colleagues, if I ever need surgery again!  He was like I will work with them to make sure you are taken care of!  You know your a pretty important patient when the doctor whips out his wallet to pass along his colleagues business cards!  Little does he know I’m going to be working pretty hard to figure out how to get on the correct insurance so that he will accept it.  At my appointment today, he even charged me the least expensive visit as well!  If you ever need spine work done go to GOODMAN CAMPBELL BRAIN AND SPINE in Indy!  They know their stuff!  My doctor asked if I was till married and I said no, he said “I’m sorry”, I said “It’s been a good thing for the most part!”.  This past week when I had my simple spine procedure done I was able to obey and do what I was supposed to do instead of doing stuff I shouldn’t!  Something that would not have happened before.  A blessed girl I am!

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