You hang out with……….

Yes, I do!  A few weeks ago at work, one of my co-workers needed a ride home.  I did what I would have done for anyone else and gave him a ride home.  I don’t remember a whole lot about the conversation but I do know that when we got to his house we sat out in the car and talked for three hours!  We talked about a variety of things, he shared with me how he was raised Mormon, came out in his teen years and now as Bi and he now is an atheists.   I thought to myself, this is interesting but I like interesting!  In the weeks to follow, we have had challenging conversation, he has helped me understand my intensity and how it can be a good thing but most guys won’t get past it and miss out!  In the weeks we have spent in countless hours of conversation about life, christianity, relationships, personality, music, cooking and being gay and how the Christian community treats those who are, he has pushed me to dig deeper in my faith, and spread wider in my thinking.  I was grateful when Tim Stevens posted his thoughts on this book here,  I thought what a great time and place for me to pick this up and start reading.  It is opening my eyes to the debate that is raging right now in the Christian community.  While I have not formed a solid opinion one way or the other, I do know this, we are called to Love others in spite of their choices.  We can LOVE them without affirming their actions!  I will continue to share Christ Love to my friend through my actions and pray that he will see Christ in me! Wednesday night he agreed to go see “God’s Not Dead” with me!  Until next time be encouraged!  You matter!

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