“You Are”

Colton Dixon, a name many of you more than likely heard over and over on American Idol!  I have never watched American Idol!  How unAmerican?!?!?!  I first saw Colton on the Third Day tour last May in Carmel.  I thought well, this is innovative of Third Day to bring a young kid on tour to bring the younger generation to Third Day concerts!  A little known secret about my 65 year old mom, she couldn’t believe I was seeing Colton Dixon!  Yup!  She’s a FAN of Colton Dixon and I didn’t EVEN know of him yet!  Crazy!  Well, needless to say in the past 10 months, I have seen Colton Dixon 4 times!  Kind of crazy for someone who had NEVER heard of him since last May!  This song “You Are”, has been on my heart today.  I have heard him sing it in concert and the tune is catchy, as in “You are the hope I’m singing, You are the hope I’m singing.  You are!  If I had no voice, if I had no tongue, I would dance for You like the rising sun.  You are!”

This is from K-Love and I love watching his passion in singing the song and notice his long fingers on the piano!  I can’t wait for Colton’s sophomore album to come out and for him to do a longer set on tour.   Check him out!



One thought on ““You Are”

  1. i love Colton Dixon! He is so inspiring! I hadn’t heard of him etiher until they played this song on klove, and I fell in love with his music, and heart for Jesus.

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