Winter Jam Indy!

This year was my first time experiencing Winter Jam at all!  I went with friends in Cincinnati but was not overly impressed with it.  It’s a great concept, 10 bands for $10 bucks!  A great opportunity to bring friends who may not otherwise be able to afford a regular concert.  I did enjoy hearing a few news bands such as Love & the Outcome and Plumb!   

So, when one of my friends asked me if I wanted to serve when it came to Indy, I thought about it and signed up since I had already seen the show or most of it, I didn’t feel as though I would miss much by serving.  I contacted the local volunteer coordinator for Indy and got the list for opportunities.  I signed up to be a runner.  With it being nice in Indy on this day and a lot to do downtown, there was not a whole lot of need for runners but I did make several Wal-Mart runs AND I did get to go get ingredients for homemade ice cream, which was the BEST ever!  It was an amazing time!  Exhausting but amazing!  

If you get the opportunity to attend Winter Jam, I do encourage you to go!  It is an awesome opportunity to hear a bunch of great bands and to take your friends!  


Colton Dixon!  



Jared Emerson, did this painting while Newsong sang “Arise My Love”






Booooooooooo to Monday’s!



Rotating Drum Kit!  Need I say more?!?!



In the Light



Soaring Above the Crowd






Props to the video guys!  

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