Speak Life, will you?

Toby Mac created a video to “Speak Life”, a song off of his newest album “Eye On It”.  If you don’t have it you should go get it at Family Bookstore!

When I think of our power to speak life into someone, I think that is a powerful ability we have to give life breathing words into another person or words that tear another person down.  

I think of it like this, you meet a new person, you start talking and you discover that they are “home schooled”.  What do you do?  Do you make jokes about them being home schooled because YOU are insecure and KNOW nothing of this amazing opportunity that they are being given OR do you choose to dig deep and learn more and break down the unknown barrier that you have up because of what society has said about home schoolers?  

Do you realize that your predetermined knowledge or lack there of can rip a person to pieces to that point that they shrink up and don’t ever want to shine again or you can learn about the uniqueness and bask in their awesomeness!  

I am grateful for those who have spoken life into me.  Those who have encouraged me and continue to encourage me on this path of life.  I think of the current person Ellen, she is our pastor’s wife and every so often, we get a few minutes to chat but those few minutes are filled with encouragement, and keep pressing onward.  “Your doing the right thing Jennifer”, I was just told Sunday.

I am NOT saying that all life speaking words are going to be happy, joyful words!  We all need people in our life who are going to speak words that we may NOT want to hear but do so in LOVE!  For me that person, well there are many but the one has helped me the most and when I choose to listen to her life speaking words have been dead on, is Judy!  Judy is my friend, she has helped me blaze the path of life and she is not afraid to speak to me in truth done in love!  

Who will you speak life into this week?  Who will you encourage and cheer on in the path of life?  

Be encouraged!


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