While the past few weeks have been a huge struggle, this week has been up hill!  Saturday started off with a 6:30a.m. get up to finish packing, when at 9:30 the crew arrived to help me pack!  I’ll post a separate blog on the crew that helped because well they are that deserving! Image

Yup!  I had my “Keep Calm” shirt on from Sheila Walsh!  



Boxes were loaded and 3 pizzas later and 4 hours later we were ready to roll to Anderson!


Unload a FULL 16′ or so truck!  One person kept saying “Are You SURE it will all fit??”  And I kept saying “YUP!”

After being up for 17 hours I finally hit the sack!  I don’t like moving but boy when you have friends to walk beside you in life it makes it all the better! 🙂

Oh and did I mention I won tickets on Friday night to the Third Day/Skillet show a week from Friday!  Now who to take with me??

Had a rough start to the week but it only got better with a phone call from my supervisor at work when they told me I would be going back on the phones and chatting with people this weekend!!! So, excited because I have been answering questions!  Do you know how hard it is for this talkative girl to sit and answer questions for 8 hours?!?!?!  

Tomorrow another jam packed day filed with my first ever WinterJam tour with good friends!  And then work, work and more work!

He is faithful even when we waiver!

Be encouraged friends!


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