The Storm Inside



Y’all!  How have you been doing?  Some of y’all have had ice, while others have had freezing cold temperatures!  If any of y’all had WARM weather, we need to talk! Ha!  Well, for the past month I have been slowly plugging away at reading “The Storm Inside” by Sheila Walsh.  It is her latest book and in my opinion her BEST one yet!  This book has 10 short chapters and discuss different storms that we all face.  For you that may be Shame or Guilt while for me it is Insecurity.  I love how Sheila wrote this book as if she is sitting across from you in the same room!  If you have ever heard her speak you may have heard her use the word “Girls”, she uses that word a lot in this book which makes it all the more authentic!  Grab a cup of coffee and a box of tissue as you dive into “The Storm Inside”!  Oh, and did I mention that I am giving AWAY a signed copy of the book????  All you have to do is leave a comment below!  I will draw the winner in one week!  Y’all will be one up on me as I don’t even have a HARD copy of this book yet! 🙂


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