Big Dreams

I know, I know two posts in one day!  Isn’t that against blogging guide lines?  This post is more for me than for anyone.  I have some dreams that have been stirring in my heart for a while now and I want to make them happen but I am frustrated because I am NOT where I want to be and at times I think that the dream will NEVER become reality!  Last week in chapel pastor Jim Lyon was given a message on how to get where we want to be.  And one of the things he said that stuck out was we have to EARN the right to speak.  That has had me thinking.  How can I EARN the right to speak?  I mean after all one of my dreams that I want to make a reality is to speak with Women of Faith.  Yup, there I said it!  But how will I get there if I have not EARNED the right?  That is what I am trying to figure out where I can begin earning that right.  I am just a girl with a dream who is going to passionately pursue my dream.  If that means serving at the bottom and working my way up, I’m in.  Use me!  I need to start praying and asking God for opportunities to share my story, my passion, what he has laid upon my heart.  What I have learned from Him and what I am continually learning from Him.  I know that God has not brought me through many of lives storms to sit silent. I tend to get discouraged when life is overwhelming at right now it is.  I look around at school and there are young kids that are going after there dream with one thing and that thing is focusing on school.  Sure they have other worries as well but they are able to focus on school.  Where I go to school 2 days a week and work the others.  Life is busy and I wonder to myself am I in over my head.  Wouldn’t it be easier to quit and never get my degree.  But I am NOT a quitter and I will continue to complete the course that has been set before me.  I already feel better about my dreams.  God’s given me a passion, a fiery passion that I won’t let die until the story has been told!

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