Boxes of life!

I Do NOT like moving!  Growing up I was blessed to only have to move twice.  Even those two moves were hard.  I did’t make friends well.  I was are you ready for this an INTROVERT!  Yes, I had my two or three solid friends who I’ve shared about but was not the outgoing person I am today!  Being in the ministry I quickly learned how to make friends and find people!   Maybe that was part of God’s bigger plan.  As I sit here and type this beginning to be surrounded by yet more boxes for my eighth move.  The first move of this kind.  You see God work’s in ways that we may not always understand!  Last week or was it the week before, I can’t remember now!  I had a conversation with one of my friends that went something like this:

Me: I’m moving to an apartment in a few weeks!  It’s less than what I pay now and closer to work and school!

K: Well, can’t you find something cheaper than that?!?!?!

Me: NOPE!  (God knew better)

So, that night I went shopping with my daughter and I got a FB message from another friend who asked if I was still interested in renting a ROOM from her house?!?!?  I asked how much, she told me I said YES!!!  God knew exactly what he was doing!  Here’s the kicker though!

This is my 8th move y’all!  I don’t know WHY I keep moving but it’s part of God’s bigger plan!  I may not have a ton of friends that I go hang out with because I haven’t spent tons of time in each place to put deep roots down like some of y’all have BUT I have friends sprinkled out all over for each season of my life.

This move is different in the fact that I am having to carefully pack and label stuff because I won’t need everything I have right now.  Over half will be in my friends garage.  I kind of feel like a missionary preparing to go to the mission field!

When my ex and I first went into ministry, I’ll never forget that first move!  I was young, 21 and boy if you could have seen how poorly the truck was packed, it’s amazing that nothing was broken!  The feeling was like being in a foreign land.  Moving to Iowa was a completely different culture (as in the stores are actually closed on Sundays and the grocery at the time didn’t take debit cards!)    The first year or two of living in Iowa we made the trek back to Indiana often.  Here I was in a foreign land AND a pastors wife AND newly married AND a rough relationship with my mom!  God is the God of restoration though!  It wasn’t until I had kids that I started to find a group of mom’s to connect with but just as I was putting down roots we had to move back to Indiana.  Let me tell you though the move back to Indiana, we had the biggest U-Haul you could get PACKED TO THE HILT by church people and family!  There was no way another thing would fit but every nook and cranny was utilized!  It was a miracle, 6 years of stuff all fit in one truck!

Next stop Fowler, IN!  The people there loved well but after four years it was time to move to Shirley, IN.  It was the summer of 2011 and I don’t think I had ever been more nervous to have my stuff packed in pick up trucks and trailers!  All my worldly possessions were being tied down with ROPE and moved across the state!  It was a test of faith for sure!  Nothing fell out and nothing was broken!

Last year at this time I moved out due to my divorce.  My brother helped me move.  That U-Haul looked about the same as the first one, when we moved to Iowa!  I wish I had pictures to share with you but I don’t!  I am grateful my brother helped me!  He was exhausted from being on a trip but we did it!  My BIL helped unload the truck!

Now we are at this next week!  Preparing to live  and share life with an amazing women of God!  I am excited about this next adventure and to dig in to what God is preparing and stirring my heart for next!

I could write so much more but I would loose you!  So, how many times have you moved?  What kind of stories do the boxes of your life hold?  Dare to dig deep into them!  I’ll be sharing about my boxes of life some more!  Do you think of introducing yourself or taking a plate of warm cookies to the new neighbors down the road?  Your area may be a foreign land to them!  You are in your own mission field!

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