I want to share this song with you!  “Glorious Unfolding” by : Steven Curtis Chapman

Because this is just the beginning of the the ending!  Over the past 24 hours I have struggled with being single again.  I am not going to lie!  It stinks!  But God has blessed me with some amazing guy friends who encourage me and know how to make me laugh and say just the right thing at the right time!  For example last night I was complaining to one of them about being single and how it stinks always having the “Friend” card and wasn’t their any TALL, Christian, honest, men of character and integrity out there?!?!?! If you single I’m sure you’ve had this same thought!  He laughed and said well maybe God wants you to focus on other things!  I was like WAIT, WHAT did you just say????  Yeah, not what I expected at all from this particular friend!  I was grateful for his refocus, guiding me to where God wants me and in his perfect timing will provide what I need!  I know what God’s plans are for me as far as ministry goes.  I know that God wired me for that!  He has gifted me for that!  He is stirring my heart for that!  He is preparing me for the big picture of sharing my story for His glory!  Even tonight he gave me the opportunity to share my story with some people at church!  I NEVER get tired of sharing what God has done and is doing in my life with others!  The storms he has brought me through, the way he has faithfully provided, I could go on and on.  So, your wondering to yourself WHY are you doubting God now?!?!  Why isn’t your trust fully in HIM for a relationship!  After all He is GOD and He know’s the desires of my heart, RIGHT?!?!?!  Well, the selfish part of me wants that companionship!  That person to do life with!  NOW!  Does that mean I get what I want now?!?!  Nope!  Does that help my fear of being alone forever?!?! Nope!!!  What His will is for me to DAILY place my trust in God, providing what I need in His perfect timing!  Is that always EASY NO WAY!!!!!  But will I choose to do so, Yes!  So, after being humbled, knocked down and encouraged with verses from my friend last night, I can see better that instead of worrying about being single, I need to put my trust in Him and know that He is for me!  And I need to focus on full filling His plan for my life!  And the really cool thing is, it was late at night and I was beyond ready for bed and he was like wait, one last verse for you and it was Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know I the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE!”

One thought on “Struggles!

  1. You’re speaking to the queen of all things SCC… I seriously play that song EVERY DAY… am obsessed with the lyrics to it! In the concert, I was on the ONLY person standing during that song -how could you NOT?!?!?!?

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