God Again! and Minimum Wage!

Today is Wednesday!  It should be WORDLESS but I can’t be WORDLESS when God is at work!

Yesterday God showed up yet again!  Last fall, I had asked around at church if anyone knew of some rentals in the Anderson area where I go to school that might be open in February.  One of the ladies said well I have a room you can rent!  We talked about, but I didn’t really think anything of it!  Last week God had pushed her name to the front of my head again!  I didn’t do anything about it but rather I went ahead and filled out paperwork for an apartment in another town!  Yesterday, I was having breakfast with my Best Friend, Kevin, and he said can’t you find ANY place “Cheaper” and I said “NOPE!”  Well, little did I know I would get a Facebook message from her last night, asking if I still needed a place to move to!  I asked what the rent was and it was cheaper than what I would have been paying and much closer to school and work!  God watches out for His children and provides!  This led to some good God conversation with my daughter last night as she is having a hard time in the situation she is in at home.  If you would lift her up in prayer, and I as well for guidance!  

Now on to my little rant about hearing minimum wage is/might be going up!  I work in retail and due to the economy many have not had a raise in a while.  Is it right, NOPE!  but to keep the company a float it is what needs to be done!  Obama last night announced about minimum wage going up BUT how can it go up, if companies are struggling now?  Won’t that put us into a recession sooner rather than later.  What will happen is people will loose their job because the company is stretched thin already, thus the jobless rate increasing, thus people not having money to spend!  I believe you should be paid on many different factors such as education, experience, and performance amongst other things, but if the company doesn’t have the money they can’t pay you!  O.K. enough of my rants now!

Well, God is FAITHFUL and I will continue to say it OVER and OVER again!

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