Go with your gut!

So, yesterday was a roller coaster of emotion!  There was the really low point, then the middle of the road.

As many of you blog readers know, back at the end of November I met Andy through eHarmony.  We hit it off right away!  Sent emails back and forth, texted and talked on the phone!  We met for lunch.  I didn’t think to much about it.  We went out on a few dates.  I did a little digging because I thought why in the world is a guy like him single?!?!  Well, I went on Facebook, yes the equivalent of any tabloid!  But I needed to know if he was still in a relationship! I felt like he wasn’t able to fully give of himself emotionally.  His “Ex” wife still had she was married.  I thought well maybe she just hasn’t changed it and gave him the benefit of the doubt.  He would talk to me on his way to work and back home again and he would come to my house but I never went to his house because his son lived there.  I was ok with that.  He went to Japan for work, and yesterday told me that he had accepted a job offer that would have him in Japan for the next 5 years and that he didn’t feel he could do a long distances relationship well and that we were on two different planes as far as a relationship!  He told me that I was too pushy regarding wanting a long term commitment and marriage!  I will admit I was and I am because at this point in life if I’m investing time into a relationship with you I need to know it’s for the long haul! I was heartbroken!  God works in ways that I will never be able to comprehend! But he gives us exactly what we need when we need it! Well, I checked on his “Ex” wife’s Facebook page and come to find out he was HOME and she was giddy happy over a gift he had brought her back!  I wasn’t so crushed after I found that out!  In fact that would explain why he only could talk when on his way to work and back home again. The God thing about this is on Sunday night God kept prompting me to ask him how I could be praying for him and then all of this came out!  He did ask for forgiveness and I gave it because let’s face it girls, if I didn’t forgive him, I was choosing to let him control my emotions rather than seeking Freedom in God!  HE know’s what I need before I even ask! 

One thought on “Go with your gut!

  1. Good for you being such the bigger person in that… I would probably have FREAKED OUT… & not been so pleasant.
    what an example of Christ you were … I think his response asking for forgiveness shows God at work there.
    Glad you didn’t get further into that mess! Keep the faith lady!

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