Life has been Happening!


  • Last Thursday I started classes again at Anderson University and worked Thursday night and Friday night on 8 hours of sleep TOTAL!  Y’all, I’m not in young anymore!  I was THANKFUL for a New friend who we had only talked on Facebook but I knew attended my church, she replied to my plea for a couch to rest on Friday afternoon between class and work!  I always say YOU NEVER KNOW the power of a Question until you ask! She was being Christ Hand’s and Feet to me that day!
  • I spent time with my kids on Saturday which included taking them to the mall and we ended up in Dress Barn!  This was a fun time and my boys actually are really good at commenting on mom’s clothes!  I’m training them well! 🙂
  • William has lost his 2 front teeth!
  • We’ve had a ton of snow!
  • Andy has been in Japan!  I DO NOT like Good Bye’s even if it is for a week!  It was a good thing I did NOT see him before he left!  He kept telling me how “easy” it was and I’m just like NOPE!  Well, I am here to tell you it has not been as bad as I thought and he was right! 🙂  He’ll be home Saturday and the fun begins of crazy schedules and creative date times!
  • I realized that I have many plates spinning and I wasn’t doing any of them well!  I asked my boss for a schedule change which worked out because there was a lot of people wanting the night shift!  So, I start a 9-6:30 shift with Tue/Thurs off next week.  Not the BEST but it’s BETTER than 4-1230 with an 8a.m. class on Tue/Thur!  
  • I’m doing AnswerXChange for TurboTax which is oh so interesting and I am TRYING really hard to be Joyful and have a good attitude about it but I would so much rather be talking on the phone!
  • I had an interview with an Airline!  I interview TERRIBLY though!  I do NOT sell myself well!  I can do my job WELL!  If I get the opportunity it will be GOD!
  • I’m going to miss church but this is a season and it too will pass!

2 thoughts on “Life has been Happening!

  1. You look so happy twirling in a dressing room 🙂
    I have a friend who also just interviewed for an airline!
    Anderson? Anderson, Indiana? … I was up there with our youth group taking them to Believe last year…

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