The above picture is with one of my very dear friends Jamie!  Many times people would get us mixed up and call Jamie, Jenny and vice versa!  It was actually comical!  Jamie helped me THRIVE in my walk with Jesus.  She was NOT afraid to call me out on the carpet when there was something that needed to be challenged.  She showed me LOVE by the MANY notes she wrote to me!  I am grateful for Jamie in my life and loving on me when I was unlovable!

As I think back to those days post high school.  Those were some of the best days during my teens and early twenties.  I’m going to focus specifically on my church family that I did life with that helped me THRIVE and shift my way of thinking!  You see growing up my parents “church hoped”.  I was not a fan of this but when your a teen you don’t have much say.  The day finally came in June when I graduated from High School and I FINALLY could choose where I would attend church and I went to Granger Community Church also known as GCC.  Why did I choose GCC?  Why did I THRIVE at GCC With my relationship with Christ and gaining clarity for his vision for my life?  

I choose GCC because Mark Beeson had asked my dad to use the movie theater that he managed on Sunday mornings for church!  I remember at a young age going with him on some Sunday’s and thinking how cool it was that a church met in a movie theater and that there was a guy playing a guitar!  Mark also directed my week of Camp Adventure throughout jr high so I already felt a connection from that experience.  You can actually read Mark’s blog over at  When I started attending GCC in 1997 they had moved to a building where they were running 3 services and a Thursday night service.  I attend a Sunday morning service and Thursday night as my work schedule allowed.  I talked to Mark about serving at Camp Adventure and was able to serve in the summer of 1998.  That week was a huge week for me realizing that I wanted to serve in the jr. high youth ministry at GCC.  I quickly became connected with Judy Gregory and started to serve on Wednesday nights which happened to be jr. high youth ministry night also known as Christian’s In Action (CIA) and later Oasis!  Through the Wednesday nights, the leaders formed a small group on Monday nights that met at Judy’s house.  This group of leaders taught me how to love well, encourage others towards Jesus and to speak boldly when we don’t want to!  These friends were not afraid to speak up and out and tell me what they were thinking!


 Serving in the jr. high youth ministry was the best days for me during that time.  I was able to learn what my gifts were, how to use them and God’s calling on my life.  I was able to draw closer to Him by serving!  


“Angels In Camo!”  Jr. High Small Group!  This is the group that Dave and I led on Wednesday nights.  We were part of the larger ministry of GCC!

There were two places you would find me when I wasn’t at home sleeping and that was at church or at work.  I lived and breathed life at church.  I found many places to serve and when I was serving others I was THRIVING!  For you serving others may not be in the form of actually physical presences but in ways of blessing those who are in a tough situation by finances, watching their children or being a listening ear.  For others it may be in the form of prayer.  I challenge you to act on serving in your church.  You will be blessed as you bless others!

“This post is inspired by Casting Crowns’ new album “Thrive” releasing on January 28th.”

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