End of year!

Well, here we are…at the end of another year.  Some thoughts from the past year.

January brought a D&C which eventually lead to my emergency hysterectomy in March.  Yup FUN stuff!  Not really but grateful for an amazing doctor who took care of the issue right away!  Also grateful for my mom who came and rescued me twice!  

February brought me moving out on my own for the first time.  That was freedom and painful.  It also found me seeing my Neurosurgeon and having him say I don’t want to see you for another year!!  Whomp! Whomp!

April found me switching jobs and trying to sell cars.

 May was a blur and busy as it always is!  

June found me serving in the jr. high youth ministry at church It also stretched me in taking my first road trip with my kids to Kings Island.  I also left my job at the car dealership.

July was spent with my kids and driving to Iowa, first time post dad’s death and celebrating his life.

August found me back in school.  Serving at my first ever Women of Faith event as a volunteer!

September found me juggling school and working in retail.

And going to Nashville, TN for the FIRST time!!!!

October found me moving my friend to Ohio

November found me busy with school and experiencing my first ever Black Friday!

December found me going to a Toby Mac concert for the first time ever!

As I reflect back on the year I think of things lost, relationships formed and dreams being chased after.  I see God blessing me with Andy and that relationship!  I see my desire to share my story with others growing deeper and I still find the ability to smile a LOT!  I am grateful for the freedom I have found! I  was just thinking back over the year and have realized I have been to more concerts this year than I have in the past 11 years put together!  That makes me HAPPY!  This next year my goal is to meet Audio A (Kevin Max) and Newsboys (Michael Tait) and I am pretty sure I’m going to accomplish that!  As I look forward to the coming year, I look forward to deepening my walk with Christ, writing, learning to play chords on the piano, spending time with my kids, being intentional about relationships, getting into better shape, finishing my Spring semester with a sense of “well done” not “ahhhh I barley scraped bye!”  There is so much more that I want to share but my mind is shutting down and I will have to share later! Happy New Year to ya’ll!  May this be the year of blessings!

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