Matt McCoy is a worship leader who I remember being a 13 year teen flying out to San Diego to get his first Taylor Guitar!  Fast forward 14 years to now and I got to see him lead thousands of college students in worship this morning!  When I remember Matt begin that 13 year old teen he was leading his youth group in worship and I remember thinking to myself that God is going to do something great with Matt and indeed he has!  God has given Matt the opportunity to lead worship, write music, and teach others as well as lead people to thrown room of God!



 Matt has been given these opportunities because he has been willing to God’s call upon his life!  I encourage you to check out Matt’s music over at  Also check out his latest album over there or on iTunes called “Heaven Calling”. Image There is a song on there entitled, “Will You Carry Me”?  This song as I heard, I thought….hmmmmmm that was ME over the past 10 years!!!!  Grateful I am no longer at that place!

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