It’s what happens when……

Your in a Relationship! 😀

About a year ago I was walking with a friend who was helping me sort out the divorce mess and he asked me when I thought I would be ready to date and I said in about a year.  Over the past year I have tried different dating websites and such but have never had any “luck” finding the “right” guy.  Finally I just stopped searching for someone on my time frame and let go and let God take the drivers seat on any future relationships.  The weekend before Thanksgiving I started going back and forth on eHarmoney answering questions and using the “free” weekend to chat with a guy named Andy.  We exchanged email and started emailing each other asking tons and tons of questions and then we exchanged phone numbers and texted but finally we were just like we really need to meet!  To say that this is a God thing would be totally CORRECT!  When I stopped looking, God showed up with Andy!  In HIS timing!  The cool thing is today while at my mom’s I made a comment to my mom that I have never WAITED this long to get stuff done for Christmas!  And she didn’t miss a beat and said “well, when your in Love it happens!”  I was like ok…..I have NEVER said anything to my mom in regards to the “Love” word in regards to the way I feel towards Andy.  So, for her to notice it was fun!  Then my sister was like why are you so happy and then my kids noticed it too!  And here’s the crazy thing last week Andy was over and we were talking and he said a month ago if you would have told me I would be sitting on your couch talking to you I would have laughed and said NO WAY!  Ahhh….can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

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