Happy Birthday Timmy!



Today is the day you were born!  Tuesday December 20th, 2005 at 11:54 a.m. in Grinnell, IA.  I had wanted a Christmas baby and boy did I ever get one!  You were born via a scheduled c-section and we did not know what you were as my pregnancy with you was uneventful and we only had a 20 week ultrasound.  When Dr. Rebelsky said “It’s a boy!” your dad didn’t really believe her until he saw your parts!  We stayed in the hospital until December 25th and went home in the afternoon.  Little did we know that after the joy of having a perfect baby boy at home, in 5 short weeks our worlds would be turned upside down!  On a cold Sunday we went to the Grinnell Hospital to find out you had RSV which turned into a 3 week hospital stay in Des Moines, IA.  Which was a blessing in disguise, if you can call a hospital stay that!  We found out that you had 3 heart defects while we were at Blank Children’s Hospital.  Once you were well enough to go home we went home and waited until your lungs had healed well enough so we could do the necessary closed heart repair.  You all though did not let these things stop you as you grew up.  Granted we did spend the first five years in and out of the hospital in the winter months it made you that much stronger!  Here we are today reflecting on you turning 8!  You are getting ready to move to a new school where the adventure awaits of making new friends.  You enjoy playing on your iPad and your most recent movie Frozen you enjoyed so much that you had mom download the soundtrack!  You are a growing, kind and caring boy!  You enjoy playing at the Children’s Museum up on the 4th floor in science works and you love God!  I love you Timmy and can’t wait to see how God uses you!  You don’t have to be grown up to be used by him just willing!  Love you sweet boy!


This picture is from a few years back!



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