When the enemy says “your unloveable!”

God says “She is MINE!  And I LOVE HER MORE!”  This past week has been one filled with emotion.  You see last February when I left my ex, I walked away with a sense of shame to his family and didn’t say anything to anyone.  I just quietly left.  I felt unworthy to speak to anyone and unloveable.  Both LIES straight from the enemy!  I had seen two of his aunts this past spring at his Grandmother’s funeral.  They both came up to me and hugged me and told me that they STILL LOVED me!  And that they were proud of me for who I was and where I was headed.  TEARS just rolled down my check.  Then this past week I have received Christmas cards from one Aunt and his Grandmother.  A hand written note from his Grandmother who is not doing well at all but took the time to write me a note!  That is God saying YOU ARE LOVED!  You are MINE!  I did NOT expect the emotion that went along with receiving the cards at all.  Take the time to send that person who has walked out of your life a card.  Let them know that they are LOVED not only by you but by the Heavenly Father!  The King of Kings!  In a few days we will be celebrating the birth of this King!  Take time out from the busyness of the season to rest in his LOVE!  A Love that came down in the simplest form, born to a virgin, in a stable.  The simplicity of that one silent night!  Which really was not at all that silent!

I’m reading Adam Hamilton’s book called “The Journey” and in it he shares this “All of us take unwanted journeys, but God always walks with us on these journeys.  God works through them and redeems them, and these difficult journeys will never be the end of our story.” (p.101)

As I sat reading that last night it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear for the step I was on!  It brought peace and clarity to sometimes a difficult journey.  You are NOT alone!  You are NOT forgotten!  You are LOVED by a God who LOVES you MORE than we can ever comprehend!  That does NOT mean we will NOT have struggles in this life but it means that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!



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