DC Talk reunion show..what?! What!?

So…..for many of you, you know that I really love DC Talk BUT I would be LYING if I said I miss them!  I do miss them but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them out as lead singers in Audio A, Newsboys and TobyMac!  Seriously, each one of these artist are able to show case their talent and musical gifts in a BIG way without over shadowing the other one or feel like they need to fight for the lime light.  BUT there is a small part of me that would LOVE to see Audio A, Newsboys and Toby do a concert together!  So, here are my ideas for that!  

Idea #1

1) DC Talk does a “reunion” tour like in 5 major cities across the US one being Indy!  I don’t know a lot about the best selling ticket cities but I do know that Indy does well at supporting the Christian music talent!  We like music and concerts!  My guess would be New York City, Orlando, Dallas, DC, LA, not sure how Seattle would do, and Indy!  I would say that would be with in a days drive for those die hard fans and I think doing a select few cities would best serve these guys already crazy schedules!  And they would hopefully be SOLD OUT shows!  I think if we could get them to do just a DC Talk reunion thing that would be the most cost effective too because you wouldn’t have 3 big bands to rent tour buses for, equipment, semi’s and a whole slew of other expenses where if you did option number 2 you would have


TobyMac and the Diverse City


and Audio A!

While I would LOVE this option it would be short sets for each band like 30 mins each and it would be a massive tour!  And I just don’t know how cost effective this would be but at the same time you might have a larger audience because of the know fan base of each band but the ticket price would be kind of crazy too.  See each band would play their set and then do a collaboration of old DC Talk stuff.  


The other option I just thought of was if they showed up at summer festivals and did the summer festival circuit one last time.  That might be another option.

I know there’s been talk.  I just feel as the fans of DC Talk that we should have the closure of a final tour.  These are my thoughts and in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM represent that of the bands and their intentions! 🙂


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