Why I’m doing what I’m doing and a surprise!



This is my new Christmas tree.  New beginning’s.  This year I gave Josh back the Christmas tree that my dad had bought us our first Christmas together.  There were too many memories associated with that tree mainly being that my dad had bought it.  Plus it was a wee bit tall for my apartment.  This tree the kids and I put up the day before Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for the simplicity of it.  The kids had such a fun time putting each ornament that was “theirs” up.  Each year they get a new Hallmark ornament to add to their collection and when they move out they will have a nice selection to take with them.  Usually the ornament represents something that happened in their lives that year or something they were part of.  Timmy has a collection of different ones but the one that is extra special is the “scrubs” he got in 2006.  That was the year of the hospitalizations.  Lily has one for gymnastics and William has some dinosaur ones.

Now on to something a bit different.  As most of you know Josh and I are divorced.  As most of you know I used to bake all December Christmas cookies and treats for our family and to give as gifts.  This fall Josh asked me if I would bake him cookies and treats.  Now you may be thinking that’s odd you guys are divorced aren’t you.  YES! YES! YES!  And isn’t he remarried? YES!  I am making cookies because it is what Jesus would do.  It’s the RIGHT thing to do and he is paying me to make them too.  I LOVE to bake and give away my goodies!  I get a greater joy out of giving my cookies away than I do keeping them or receiving others! I am a giver what can I say!

This brings me to my next thing and it may or may not come as a surprise to you but I have been talking to some one for a few weeks now.  We have had lunch together and so much in common it’s only God that we have met!  Tonight we were supposed to go out but it didn’t work out BUT we will go out some time in the next week.  Stay tuned to see where this goes and for updates!  His name is Andy.


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