Easter Sunday

**Disclaimer**These are my thoughts and I am in no way, shape or form judging anyone. 


This Easter Sunday is the first Easter Sunday I can ever recall NOT going to church.  It felt right.  I had gone to a beautiful Good Friday service and I know why we celebrate Easter because the grave is no longer empty!  He’s NOT there!   Jesus lives in and through us each day.  Traditionally Easter Sunday is the day that most people who would other wise NOT go to church are in church.  So, why NOT go to church on one of the most attended Sundays of the year because this day is NOT about me or the brand new outfit I have on, no it’s about Jesus and the fact that he is ALIVE!  Do I need to go to church to celebrate this?  No, I should be celebrating the fact that he is RISEN and ALIVE in my life each and every day.  I should go to church NOT because of a special holiday but I should BE the church.

On a side note, last year was the first year of being divorced and I dove right into a new church life at Madison Park after being in the ministry for 11 years.  Many were surprised I did this, now I understand why.  I am enjoying this next chapter of life of just being and not needing to do.  I am enjoying not having to be at church because it’s what you do but rather being a church because I WANT to be there.  I often wonder how many of us want to be at church?

Blessings amidst Anxiety!


For those of you who have know me for a while, this picture will NOT surprise you!  For those of you who have not let me share!  I have had 2 major back surgeries, one in 2010 and one 2011.  My back was very “hunched” over as in 109 degree’s when I went in for my first surgery in 2010.  I was SCARED out of my ever loving mind!  I healed well but by spring of 2011 at one of my doctors visit, the doctor had some bad news!  I had BENT my titanium rods and we would need to do surgery again!  Within in seconds, I asked “can I go on roller coasters one last time” and he said “why yes because if I don’t tell you that you can you will do it any way!”  Fall of 2011 came and I went  into the OR for my 12 hour surgery with glasses similar to these and hillbilly teeth!  The OR staff laughed and asked if I was always like this and my doctor said “YUP!  She doesn’t take life seriously!”  I believe that my attitude going into my second one led me to a much healthier outcome!  Now when I go to the doctor I take my glasses and always get a laugh!  Today it was oh “J.J. my prized stainless steal patient!”  You know your back is a work of art when it is a prized patient! He uses my before pictures, my first surgery and the detereation and then my post 2nd surgery pictures as a case to present to his colleagues!   My doctor had known I was upset over not having him be in network and taking my insurance.  We talked about some of the other doctors that he knew that might take it, and he even whipped out his wallet to find a card of one of his colleagues, if I ever need surgery again!  He was like I will work with them to make sure you are taken care of!  You know your a pretty important patient when the doctor whips out his wallet to pass along his colleagues business cards!  Little does he know I’m going to be working pretty hard to figure out how to get on the correct insurance so that he will accept it.  At my appointment today, he even charged me the least expensive visit as well!  If you ever need spine work done go to GOODMAN CAMPBELL BRAIN AND SPINE in Indy!  They know their stuff!  My doctor asked if I was till married and I said no, he said “I’m sorry”, I said “It’s been a good thing for the most part!”.  This past week when I had my simple spine procedure done I was able to obey and do what I was supposed to do instead of doing stuff I shouldn’t!  Something that would not have happened before.  A blessed girl I am!

Thankful Thursday

While I have not done this in a while here it is:

1)  Friends: This past week has been a rough one and I have had friends stand in the gap with me through prayer, laughter, presences, food and then there are those friends you have had forever and they have walked through life with you forever.

2) Siblings: My brother John Bob Cobb and my sister Beth!  My brother and I have walked a lot of life together some closer to each other than others.  I am grateful for my brother and am glad, yes glad, my mom allowed us to beat each other up, we are still alive and close because of it.  Beth, I am glad I gained a sister!  

3) Food: Spiritual and real actual food!  We need it all

4) Music: It’s like the air I breathe!

5) Basketball: I have loved watching women’s college basketball and was very excited to watch Notre Dame and UCONN, 2 of the best teams in women’s basketball go head to head on Tuesday night!  In many ways I wonder what it would be like to watch it with my Grandmother Campbell if she were still around.

What are you thankful for?

“God’s Not Dead” review The Movie


Last night I went to see “God’s Not Dead” with my friend.  We were the only two in the theater so we were able to talk about it as we saw the movie.  I had seen the trailer and so I had an idea of what it was about.  I found the movie to be thought provoking and was proud of the young man who stood up despite what everyone else was telling him NOT to do.  I am proud for the movie to be out but there were a few things that could have been presented differently.

  • The debates, had they had a little more depth to them, could have driven home a much stronger debate.  This is what college and in depth discussions do to you! :-)
  • I was not happy about the scene in the library where the young man runs into his classmate who is not a believer and was asking some questions.  I felt as though he blew the kid off.  Sadly as christians maybe this happens all too often.
  • There was a Muslim girl in the movie and the way she was treated by her father being slapped for her faith did not sit well.  Maybe that’s how they treat one when they deny their own faith and turn away to Christ.
  • The ending left much to be desired.  I’m not going to spoil it if you have not seen it yet.
  • I was impressed with the way the Newsboys prayed with the reporter.
  • I also liked at the end how one person stood up and another and another.  It goes to show that one person who can boldly stand up for their beliefs and NOT back down can change!

Over all I would give it a 3.  Again this is my opinion of the movie.  If you have NOT seen it, you should so you can share your thoughts!  If you have seen it, what do you think?

You Matter!


You hang out with……….

Yes, I do!  A few weeks ago at work, one of my co-workers needed a ride home.  I did what I would have done for anyone else and gave him a ride home.  I don’t remember a whole lot about the conversation but I do know that when we got to his house we sat out in the car and talked for three hours!  We talked about a variety of things, he shared with me how he was raised Mormon, came out in his teen years and now as Bi and he now is an atheists.   I thought to myself, this is interesting but I like interesting!  In the weeks to follow, we have had challenging conversation, he has helped me understand my intensity and how it can be a good thing but most guys won’t get past it and miss out!  In the weeks we have spent in countless hours of conversation about life, christianity, relationships, personality, music, cooking and being gay and how the Christian community treats those who are, he has pushed me to dig deeper in my faith, and spread wider in my thinking.  I was grateful when Tim Stevens posted his thoughts on this book here,http://leadingsmart.com/leadingsmart/2014/3/d7yqs0pask21b3k4xjjx7kc87jwp1j  I thought what a great time and place for me to pick this up and start reading.  It is opening my eyes to the debate that is raging right now in the Christian community.  While I have not formed a solid opinion one way or the other, I do know this, we are called to Love others in spite of their choices.  We can LOVE them without affirming their actions!  I will continue to share Christ Love to my friend through my actions and pray that he will see Christ in me! Wednesday night he agreed to go see “God’s Not Dead” with me!  Until next time be encouraged!  You matter!

“You Are”

Colton Dixon, a name many of you more than likely heard over and over on American Idol!  I have never watched American Idol!  How unAmerican?!?!?!  I first saw Colton on the Third Day tour last May in Carmel.  I thought well, this is innovative of Third Day to bring a young kid on tour to bring the younger generation to Third Day concerts!  A little known secret about my 65 year old mom, she couldn’t believe I was seeing Colton Dixon!  Yup!  She’s a FAN of Colton Dixon and I didn’t EVEN know of him yet!  Crazy!  Well, needless to say in the past 10 months, I have seen Colton Dixon 4 times!  Kind of crazy for someone who had NEVER heard of him since last May!  This song “You Are”, has been on my heart today.  I have heard him sing it in concert and the tune is catchy, as in “You are the hope I’m singing, You are the hope I’m singing.  You are!  If I had no voice, if I had no tongue, I would dance for You like the rising sun.  You are!”

This is from K-Love and I love watching his passion in singing the song and notice his long fingers on the piano!  I can’t wait for Colton’s sophomore album to come out and for him to do a longer set on tour.   Check him out!



“Broken Man”

Brand spaken new from Rhett Walker!  “Broken Man” is the single from their sophomore album and brings with it authentic, raw, real, lyrics!  I know this song will reach across the christian music label over into mainstream.  It’s a song that everyone can relate to, written straight from the band’s own experience of being broken.  It is out today on iTunes!  Go, and download you will be glad you did!

Winter Jam Indy!

This year was my first time experiencing Winter Jam at all!  I went with friends in Cincinnati but was not overly impressed with it.  It’s a great concept, 10 bands for $10 bucks!  A great opportunity to bring friends who may not otherwise be able to afford a regular concert.  I did enjoy hearing a few news bands such as Love & the Outcome and Plumb!   

So, when one of my friends asked me if I wanted to serve when it came to Indy, I thought about it and signed up since I had already seen the show or most of it, I didn’t feel as though I would miss much by serving.  I contacted the local volunteer coordinator for Indy and got the list for opportunities.  I signed up to be a runner.  With it being nice in Indy on this day and a lot to do downtown, there was not a whole lot of need for runners but I did make several Wal-Mart runs AND I did get to go get ingredients for homemade ice cream, which was the BEST ever!  It was an amazing time!  Exhausting but amazing!  

If you get the opportunity to attend Winter Jam, I do encourage you to go!  It is an awesome opportunity to hear a bunch of great bands and to take your friends!  


Colton Dixon!  



Jared Emerson, did this painting while Newsong sang “Arise My Love”






Booooooooooo to Monday’s!



Rotating Drum Kit!  Need I say more?!?!



In the Light



Soaring Above the Crowd






Props to the video guys!  

King Of My Heart!

Check out this HUSBAND and WIFE duo!  They are amazing, packed up everything to chase their dream!  Now they are on the WINTER JAM tour and if it’s coming to a city near you, GOOOO!!!! $10 bucks for a great night of music! I am glad I heard them for the FIRST time in Cincy and grateful that they followed their dream! This song came on this morning EXACTLY when I needed it!  God is just like that!!!!  Well, this song is speaking to me right where I am at!  After yesterday I feel like I am David up against Goliath but I also know that my God has gone before me and I need to rest in him!  I also know the enemy never likes it when we are doing good for him and he wants to distract us!  I WON’T LET HIM WIN!  Because Jesus is the KING!