36 years!


While the past 36 years has so much to talk about it would be a book! This past year has been filled with more highs than lows! I'm a blessed women and am grateful for the beautiful friendships I have from work to church to family to school to boyfriend! I'm the happiest I've been in a long time and I'm grateful that The Lord has brought me to where he has me because being in the middle of his will is the perfect place to be!!!

Neon Steeple Tour

This is a photo less concert review!  There’s a first time for everything!  I went to my FIRST Crowder concert last night in Indy at Old National Center!  The last concert I attend there was with Kari Jobe and I was not impressed with the venue.  Last tonight was a totally different feel!  Let me say this if you have NOT seen Crowder LIVE you MUST put this on your BUCKET list and go see him!  I have been to many concerts from TobyMac to Chris Tomlin to Third Day to Newsboys and Crowder is by far my FAVORITE concert!  Don’t get me wrong the other guys have great concerts but Crowder took it to a whole new level!  His set included a “Dog”, a down south front porch, a whole lot of instrument variety, and a ton of Crowder!  The light show blows even the “Hits Deep” tour out of the water!  It was a small stage in comparison but the lights couldn’t compare!  The only draw back was that the word’s to the songs were on small t.v. screens instead of actual screens but other than than…AMAZING concert!

Capital Kings opened and provided the electric vibe with even some Hillsong Y&F and “God’s Great Dance Floor”.  All Sons & Daughter’s was up next and they had an intimate worship set that was bluegrassy.

Neon Steeple Tour you get an 12 on a scale of 10!!!!!  Thanks for stopping in Indy!


Well, Byron and I have been spending as much time as we can together.  It’s amazing to see how when God is the foundation and your focus on Love being an action not just a feeling or emotion how different your relationship is!  He is easy to make happy!  When I think my cooking is terrible, he’s like nope!  Ha!  One Sunday he told me he had gotten us a book!  I was excited and even more thrilled when it was a devotion book!  Each time we are together we do this devotion and it leads to a deeper discussion.  Our conversations are easy and flow usually with one of us saying I’ve been there too!  It is amazing to me how God knew exactly what we both needed and has provided more than I could ever imagine.  I know understand when people say they are so undeserving because I know that I have said that in regards to this relationship but man I am glad that I do get to experience this.  A really cool thing that has happened twice this week, I ran out of milk and eggs on two separate occasions and he said, oh I’ll run and grab them.  He opens the doors for me.  As our relationship continues to grow and the foundation is continued to be built, I am glad that God is allowing me to go on this journey.  Tonight Byron met my kids and we went swimming and out to pizza!  It was a beautiful thing to see my kids connect with him.  At dinner, they acted in their normal manner and I just shook my head at some of and Byron just laughed and said oh my this is normal because his kids act the same way!  On the way home I told the kids we would have cake for breakfast and Lily pipes up and says but mom Byron needs cake too!  :-)  I’ll update again in a few weeks as God continues to have his hand in this journey.  Anderson’s pool now has another important memory for me!


Last night I posted that I had gotten an “A” in my Christian Ministry class and I was excited about this!  One of my friends said “And your surprised by this?”  Why yes and no.  Yes, because I waited until the last minute to write my final paper and no because God has prepared me for this moment.  While I have never been good at school, I struggle with it but when I finally yielded to God’s call on my life and not my own, this thing called school is getting easier because ministry is what makes my heart beat fast!  This Sunday as I was sitting in church it was like his still small voice was reaffirming my call to ministry, speaking to me and tell me that God has prepared me for this moment in time.  I’m still unclear as to exactly what area of ministry that God has called me to but I do know this that as I walk in HIS will life is easier!  When I was walking on my own it was oh so much more difficult because I was in a battle against His will!  Don’t let the enemy destroy your dreams and passions and callings by saying “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH” because friends let’s face it “YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH YOU WERE CREATED FOR THIS MOMENT!”  When God call’s you answer, when God calls he’ll provide away, when God call’s you have to stomp all over the face of the enemy because he doesn’t like it when God’s children answer because Gods army is growing and the enemies army is shrinking!

Flash Back Friday!

So, instead of Throwback Thursday, I’m going to do Flash Back Friday!  This week we are taking a walk down memory lane to some of the Women of Faith’s I’ve been to!  Because y’all TODAY is that day and I’m going to be grinning from ear to ear!!!


The amazing and ever so honest Scottish accent speaking Sheila Walsh!  Love her!


Last year they had this video of a sand artist and it was amazing!


Last year was the first time I had heard Liz Curtis Higgs and I was blown away by her story and how God used her to speak to us!  If you ever get a chance to read her book “The Women of Christmas”, you should!  It’s amazing!


Lisa Harper!  There is so much to be said about her! She oozes Jesus!  And her amazing precious Missy does too!  Lisa is one of the most dynamic, authentic and down to earth bible teachers!


And Sandi Patty!  This was a year that I went and was a group leader!!!  A few weeks before my back surgery!  It was a breath of fresh air that was needed!

lily and jen

And this was the year I took Lily and we sat way up in the rafters in Des Moines, Iowa!  It was a great time with other women from my church!

Thankful Thursday in pictures!

I’m going to share all in pictures!

1) DSC02046 My daughter Lily!  I love her more than I could ever express!  She amazes me!  She is strong and beautiful!  She loves Jesus! She makes me be a better person!  She loves cats! She loves music!  I am lucky to be her mom!



I’m thankful for Timmy!  He is a silly guy!  He loves well!  He loves Jesus!  And I’ll forever be grateful that God healed him!  I am thankful to be his mom!!



Wiliam David!  He is loving!  Sensitive! He loves sports!  He loves music!  He loves Jesus and I am thankful to be his mom!



I am blessed for Women of Faith!  I have been attending for over 10 years!  Sometimes not so willing but now Joyfully!  I am grateful that Steve Arterburn yield to the call to create a conference for Women!  I am grateful that Sheila and Barry Walsh have continued that!



I am beyond grateful that God allowed our paths to cross!  We get each other because we have been through very similar situations in life!  It’s an exciting adventure that we are on!

Thankful Thursday

1)  I’m thankful for this new relationship!

2)  I’m thankful for two amazing parents!  My mom and bonus dad!  I can’t wait to spend a few days with y’all in Texas!  There will be a ton of laughs and memories created!!

3)  I’m thankful for laughter!

4)  I’m thankful for the AU pool!  My kids and I get to spend time together there and they get to grow in their confidence in the water!

5)  I’m thankful for the relationships and the people and the body of Christ who cared for me while in Fowler.  During that time I saw the church beyond the church walls!  Sometimes it takes going through those times in life when you are knocked flat out and the only thing you can do is relay on others and Christ!


It’s been quite the journey!  Four years ago I was anxious, scared and most importantly afraid!  I am grateful that I serve a God who is BIGGER than all of that!!!  Four years ago today I was in the trauma OR at Methodist Hospital in Indy, having my back broken because it was at a 109 degree angle crushing my internal organs!  Here are a few pictures to celebrate where I have been!


This first one is of my back pre-op. 109 degrees!  The second one is of my back post of at 63 degrees!  And the third one is of me a few weeks post op at home!!! YEAH!


This is the AMAZING doctor that said “I can FIX your back!”, the first time I met him!  Dr. Khairi at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine and his amazing NP Stacey LaMasters!!!  Won’t ever go anywhere else!!!

New Music Tuesday!

A few weeks back I was watching “Night of Joy” from Disney World online and Chris Tomlin shared a brand spanking new song from his soon to be fresh album “Love Ran Red” called “Jesus Loves Me”.  As I listened to it I got chills thinking of God’s love!  It is now on iTUNES!!!!!  If you can get one song today this is it!!!!!!!

“I was lost
I was in chains
The world had a hold of me

My heart was a stone
I was covered in shame
When He came for me

I couldn’t run, couldn’t run from His presence
I couldn’t run, couldn’t run from His arms

Jesus, He loves me, He loves me, He is for me
Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me

And it was a fire
Deep in my soul
I’ll never be the same

I stepped out of the dark
And into the light
When He called my name

I couldn’t run, couldn’t run from His presence
I couldn’t run, couldn’t run from His arms

He holds the stars and He holds my heart
With healing hands that bear the scars
The rugged cross where He died for me
My only hope, my everything”


From Chris Tomlin-Love Ran Red.

You’ll be encouraged, inspired and reminded that JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!  No matter how far you have ran, there is no depth or distance’s that you can run from Jesus!!

Who Do YOU Inspire?


Last week my daughter Lily shared with me how she had to choose an adult that inspires her and write them a letter.  She says “Mom, I picked you!”  I was surprised!  I thought really?  If she only knew how many days I feel as though I do a terrible job at being her mom.  How I feel at times when she calls me crying and all I want to do is run and scope her up in my arms and protect her.  But then I get a letter that goes like this:

“Dear Mom,

You’ve inspired me.  You inspire me all the time.  You tell me that I CAN when I think I can’t.  You tell me that  I’m special.  You help me get through my rough times at my dad’s with my grandma and dad and Shay.  Do they make me want to pull my hair out or what!

You help me get organized.  You tell me I can!  That makes me feel A LOT better.  You tell me stories about what happened to you.  When I’m upset you make me feel better.

I love you so much.  I can’t wait to see you today!  You inspire me a lot.  I know god gave you a gift.  Thanks for inspiring me!  Please keep doing that!



That letter is getting framed!  Priceless words that point me in the right direction that I AM doing the right thing!!! :-)  Proud to be her MOM!